Monday, March 15, 2010

My Romantic Spring Break Moment

Last week (3/5-3/14) was my Spring Break. I went to Traverse City, MI to see my boyfriend. On Saturday, our last night together we had the best time.
As Sophia on Golden Girls would say "Picture it"...

~Music playing through the speakers. (Lots of Taylor Swift!)
~Candles lit on the dining room table, soft beautiful candlelight.
~Boyfriend cooking chicken Fettuccine Alfredo in the kitchen.
~A nice glass of Merlot for him & Winter White table wine for me.
~The smells of spices, pasta, sauce, and garlic bread.
~Lights turned off creating a sexy dark room.
~A heartwarming toast to start the meal.
Best Part was...
My boyfriend grabbing me to dance,

Sweet. Romantic. Amazingly Memorable.

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