Monday, April 25, 2011

Hop-py Easter

Did everyone have a pleasant Easter celebration? I hope so.

I had the lovely company of my fiance.
I tried making a new dish for dinner: Vegetarian stuffed peppers.
Verdict: Okay, worth making again. Thought of a few adaptations for the recipe for next time.
We also went to the 10pm showing of 'Water for Elephants'. I'm reading the book. & even though I wasn't quite done with it yet I wanted to go see the movie.

To say I was disappointed is an understatement. They changed key aspects of the story, rearranged the order of events, didn't match the image I created with the casting of the characters, focused way too much on the mistreatment of the circus animals, & overall made it far too magical & fairytale-like for my taste.

I am anxious to finish up the book. Per usual the book is far better than the movie depiction.

Never know until you try. Practice makes perfect - Food adventure.
It is best not to mess with what already works. Judge a movie by its book.

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