Monday, April 25, 2011

Guess who is coming to dinner...

Oh the hectic feeling of getting your house & self presentable for the arrival of company. Today I've been rushing around madly cleaning the apartment so it is spic & span. As well as getting myself all dolled up & pretty. This evening my Mom arrives!!!

She will stay in town till Thursday. I have some fun times planned. I rented movies, have some yummy meals planned, we will finally go out & see the movie Hop! As well as other exciting & enjoyable times to be had. Then when the few days of fun is done I will be going back with her to Lockport, NY to do lots of wedding prep since the big day is getting closer & closer each day!

I'm going to miss my family of three (Bill, Cinder Fella, & Honeybee) but the end result of the seperation is a beautiful wedding & the happiness of being married!

(1/3 of my family of three,
my child, little girlie girl Honeybee)

Sweep. Dust. Primp. Open your doors & Welcome family inside.

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