Thursday, March 24, 2011

Feels like Home to Me

It has already been a week! My, oh my...

Sometimes the thought of "playing house" is actually more fun then the reality of the situation. However, chores like doing the dishes, taking out the trash, & cleaning out the kitty litter can be made easier with a couple extra hands. I thoroughly enjoy when my fiance & I tag-team the cleaning of our apartment together. It goes so much faster when you have two people attacking the dirt & germs, not just one. With winter slowly disappearing & the sun shining through the windows spring cleaning is definitely in order to make sure every fleck of dust isn't glaringly obvious.

As a couple we do many things together besides cleaning. Recently we found a nice Presbyterian Church right close to our apartment. We've been eager to find a nearby Church that we could join. While it doesn't feel like "home" yet, the fellow worshipers were very warm & welcoming. They gave us a goodie bag of important information regarding Church activities, & even included a ziploc of oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies! We will be returning this coming Sunday.

Two things I always "fall back on" or hobbies that give me great comfort: reading & crafting. So only natural that I've been finding book clubs & knitting clubs to join here to get involved & meet people. Honestly, I feel like I'm drawn to book clubs because I want to fill the void of not having English classes to go to, I feel the need to submerge myself into a book & then discuss with others themes, symbolism... oh times like this is when I seriously wonder why I wasn't an English major...

Puzzle-making & Netflix movies,
Spaghetti & turkey meatballs,
Cupcakes with Sparkling grape juice,
Bubble Bath & a Massage...

...What to all those lovely things have in common?
Our 2 year Anniversary!
Just yesterday my fiance & I celebrated 2 years of dating. Soon we will be counting years of marriage...
Share responsibilities. Feel that sense of community. Divulge yourself. & Celebrate.

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